wrap-up #interactivemonday

a couple of weeks ago the adverblog started #interactivemonday on twitter. cheers. cool idea. there is some good stuff coming every week. good stuff that tends to get lost in the avalanche of good stuff. making myself remember and spreading the inspiration, from now on i gonna try to give a brief wrap-up of the examples.

  1. start a lie: very simple viral campaign that tries to beak with the assumption that only bottled water is good water. a myth that the industries keeps up telling us e.g. that every single bottle sort of hosts 70 virgins.. ah yeah, and did you know that bin laden stands for it? good idea and i like tap water anyway.
  2. absolut no label: absolut, a company reowned for its strong brand started the initiative. they removed the label from their bottle plus asking people to do the same. bold move, which in the end might have strengthened the famous absolut bottle’s standing as a brand itself. a bit outdated, still brilliant.
  3. golfing, surfing the web with tiger woods: a bit random to be honest, but still an inspiring idea. surf the web with tiger woods and ea games i am not sure if i totally understood the idea, but check it out yourself
  4. jaegermeister testimonials got lost. another bit that seems a bit random though i really like the idea. the 2 famous deers disappeard, so they suspended the website for now asking people to help lassoing the two guys
  5. Axe makes muchas maracas. well, some sort of experience site. Worth checking out, no need to talk about 😉


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