Mobile – not mature, but growing as hell

mobile advertising is growing and growing
another day another proof that mobile bears obviously enormous potential. recent research of the DVDW (German Association of digital economy) showed that growth in mobile advertising is still unbroken. in fact it grew by 50% in the first half of 2009. Though these figures are for the German market, it’s not worse in the rest of world. Rather better. E.g. emarketer forecasts mobile ad spending will reach $416 million in 2009, and increase to $1.56 billion by 2013.

Also the formats, hence the channels will change, eMarketer again predicts a shift from text message focused campaigns to display and search. So there’s a lot of room for entertaining and inspiring formats. It’s about to jump on the train, isn’t it?

 when will we do what we’re supposed to do with one or the other brand? 😉

Especially having in mind that online advertising is growing and growing (against everything else, which is shrinking and shrinking) as well (by 10% in the first half of 2009, digital should be more and more the focus and maybe the bracket holding together all other channels.
it’s not a game anymore, behaviours changed massively (time spent on social networking and blogging sites tripled since last year says Nielsen) but becomes a grown up business area where more and more ad dollars end up – with good reason, which is proofed by this recent Nielsen research:
Let’s roll.


sources: (german) & (emarketer) & Nielsen

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