The Net Generation

Don Tapscott, management scholar at University of Toronto and author of Wikinomics, described a very interesting bunch of people in his latest book “Grown up digital: how the net generation is changing your world” (Google Books: A group that’s so interesting because they could also be described as the multiplier group. Multipliers that might spread your message and whatever you’ve to say – if it’s good.Just read an article about these guys in working environments ( German), however it’s at least as important when thinking about starting a conversation or (which is probably the wrong approach) spreading a message.Some call them Generation Y or Digital Natives or Millenials, however Don calls them the “Net Generation” and describes them as being interactive, not only consuming, but rather producing (remember? the so called prosumers?).

They are characterized by 8 main things:

  • Freedom: they wanna choose
  • Customization: they want tailored products, solutions and services
  • Integrity: they want honesty
  • Scrutiny: they analyse loads of information, being very selective and very sensitive
  • Collaboration: they love co-creation, they love working together, be it at work or in other environments, e.g. developing products together with companies
  • Speed: they grew up with fast communication, they’re responsive, but they also demand instant communication
  • Innovation: scarcity for them is rather a concept than an actual experience, they grew up in abundance, hence having just something is not enough for them, but they constantly require new and innovative products and services



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