Digital trends 2010 – 10 things that’ll become prevalent

After the consumer trends a few days ago, here comes Pete Cashmore (founder of and definitely a guy who knows what he’s talking about) and presents his view of the top trends in the web for 2010:

  1. Real time web: the web experience (consumption & production) will become more and more instant
  2. Localization: Information in the web will be linked to local data and thereby open a whole new level for the internet
  3. Augmented reality: a layer between the real and the digital world will become platform for untold experiences
  4. Content curation: Be it your social graph or professional curators, filtering information is and becomes more and more crucial
  5. Cloud computing: data and even applications won’t stay on your computer much longer
  6. Internet TV & movies: this area of entertainment will more and more migrate to the web
  7. Convergence: why carry more than one device with you?
  8. Social gaming
  9. Mobile payments: as everything becomes digital and real time a proper solution for payments on the go will break through
  10. Fame abundance & privacy scarcity: What you wanna do when they come for you?

Check out the article on CNN here:

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