Interesting reads this week

A few things worth reading.Facebook fan pages: 5 great ideas around a facebook page’s value. Not sure if the question “What are your fans looking for on a social network that they can’t get from your business website?” is correct. Not sure if the business website is of much value to those people anymore. But it’s about interactivity – of course, but also inspiring content experiences and after all it’s def. about pushing content, content, great content.
Check out the article along with some amazing examples.

Mathematics of WOM: Bill Keogh from Agknowlogy calculated the real value of WOM, namely what costs are incurred by a promoter and a detractor? Yeah, yeah, the business area is kinda.. different, but figures are still intriguing: “a Detractor costs the business -$119,500 through their own negative value and WOM … a Promoter is worth $58,000”.

Branding ist ein allumfassender Job. Es bringt nichts großartige Aushaengeschilder zu haben, bombastische Aktionen zu bringen, wenn dann die customer care hotline vollkommen katastrophal ist. Die Analyse und exakt geplante Gestaltung aller Kontaktpunkte ist folglich eine der wichtigsten Branding-Aufgaben, mehr hier:

Demograpics are clearly dead. That’s for sure. Maybe ‘life stages’ could be a way to target behaviour more accurately. Guess one couldn’t put it better than that „Despite similar demographics, [consumers in] these life stages clearly have very different attitudes and motivations, and it would be a mistake to communicate with them in the same way,“. True Mr. Gerry Philpott, CEO of E-Poll Market Research.


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